April 13, 2024 Meeting – Updated! – Lynn Mallery – Fire Insurance Maps

Our original speaker, Jeanette Sheliga, will not be able to be with us on Saturday, April 13. Rather than cancelling the meeting, we are going to try something new. We have a Rootstech presentation by Elizabeth Swaney O’Neal on the same topic that Lynn Mallery will share. Because it is pre-recorded, there will not be a question and answer period by the presenter, though we will have time for a discussion within our own membership.

The description of the presentation is: Fire insurance maps, such as those made by the Sanborn Company, are an amazing tool for researching the cities and towns where our ancestors lived. Find out what fire insurance maps are, why they were created, where to find them online, and how to use them for family history research.

The April 13th meeting will remain a hybrid meeting and we hope you will enjoy this way of handling a difficult situation.